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Abby Jayne DeAngelo

Abby Jayne DeAngelo formed and trained in the art of ballet from the renowned Marcia Dale Weary of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB) in her hometown of Carlisle, PA. As a teacher, she shares Marcia’s passion for finding beauty in life to guide the joy of ballet training in the studio and developing strength and skills by breaking down the mechanics of the human body as demonstrated in the movements of ballet.


Abby Jayne founded and opened Adage Ballet Studio in Seattle, WA  in March 2021, with the desire to replicate her foundation of ballet technique to the next generation of dancers. Abby Jayne moved from Carlisle in 2016 when she joined Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) as a Professional Division Student (2016-2018), and she was promoted to Apprentice and Corps de Ballet member in 2019. Since living in Seattle she has loved collaborating with The Seattle Project on multiple different projects. On the stage and in the studio, Abby Jayne consistently shares her personal mission of balanced, joy-filled ballet technique and training.

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