Our Mission


To form a collaborative community of artists from all fields in order to create thought provoking new work and dance that is accessible to all communities. 

The Seattle Project holds space for and uplifts BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists, who historically have been excluded from opportunity in the arts.




While creating new work, the execution process will be documented to highlight the artists involved through film, audio and text. This will show concept to collaboration, collaboration to creation and creation to community.


The Concept

The Concept phase highlights the cultivation of an idea - What do you want to make? Who do you want to make it with? And what do you want to say?


The Collaboration

The Collaboration phase answers the questions posed during idea cultivation. This is where artist connections are made, boundaries are pushed and ideas are evolved.


The Creation

The Creation phase is the actual building of a new work. It is where concept and collaboration become reality and the work is ready to be shared.

The Community

The Community is why we make art and everyone deserves access to it. The new work created will be shared publicly, pushing past the white audiences art is too often catered to.