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Interview // Henry Wurtz // Director, Videographer

“In August of 2019, Henry Wurtz was the first collaborator that I worked with. We brainstormed on ideas for The Seattle Project’s official launch and we created our first promo video that premiered in August of 2019. Since then, Henry has been a continuous collaborator, also filming “The How of It Sped” which premiered at Northwest Film Forum in February of 2020.”

A: What made you interested / want to pursue videography?

H: It hit me kinda late, I’d say. I was 18 or 19 when I finally connected the dots between my love of movies, my love for cameras/photography, and the fact that making movies/videos was a career. There wasn’t a specific moment, it just felt right, I felt happy doing it, and still do. So I chase that feeling.

A: What is an aspect about videography that you think really “reaches” audiences?

H: I think the aspect of videography/filmmaking that really reaches people is almost impossible to articulate with words. In its simplest form, it's those elements which “feel right”, that allow a film/video to truly reach people and affect them emotionally. It’s the perfect camera position, or editing cut, or twitch on a subject’s face that can instantly pierce through your walls, barriers, and restraints, and really touch you personally. I have no clue how to do that yet.


A: What is one thing you wish you could change about the world?

H: I wish people would have more compassion and understanding for each other. Everyone’s dealing with shit, everyone has something going on that you may not know about. We could all benefit from a stranger letting us take their spot in line. We need to start working together and treating each other like we’re important.

A: How would you change that aspect?

H: Compassion. It's a muscle I am trying to strengthen every day, and by doing so I hope some of it can rub off on those around me. A quote from Lawrence of Arabia (also Prometheus) comes to mind.⁣
“Big things have small beginnings.”⁣
In this instance, I take it to mean we can only change the world around us by manifesting that change within ourselves first!

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