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Interview // Noah Martzall // Dancer, Choreographer


A: What artists would you want to work with – past, present or future? 

N: George Balanchine, William Forseythe, Lady Gaga- that would be kinda cool, collaborating with Prada

A: As a dancer, what has been the most fulfilling part of your career so far? 


N: Getting to work on Crystal Pite’s Plot Point at Pacific Northwest Ballet.

“Noah has been a constant collaborator with The Seattle Project, starting with “The How of It Sped” in February 2020, and finishing his last collaboration with me, “Mitosis” which premiered at Seattle’s Town Hall during the Mayoral Candidate Races. We recorded this interview two years after “The How of It Sped” premiered."

A: What drew you to dancing? How did you start? 


N: I started because my sister was dancing at the rec center and my grandma worked there. So my grandma decided to just put me in it, dancing once a week.

A: Have you ever created work before? What did you learn from the process? 


N: Yes I have. I learned that I like things done a very particular way in my pieces. I enjoy putting the whole image together-the costume, the sets, the lighting– the entire look of the piece. I also learned that exploring movement is enjoyable. 


A: How do you think the arts need to grow moving forward? 


N: We need more representation of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and genders. Not only onstage but as creators, producers, writers and the ones deciding casting. 

We also need more accessibility to the arts for all audiences, and that includes greater attention to audience education.

A: If you could say anything to your younger self what would it be? 


N: Don’t be afraid to be yourself because holding yourself back will limit your growth and the opportunities that will come to you. 


It’s okay to be gay. Dance your heart out. 

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