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Randy Ford

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Randy Ford, is a Seattle-born creative (dancer, choreographer, actor, activist, curator, and educator). She has been featured in CD Forum’s Showing Out: Contemporary Black Choreographers, Bumbershoot Festival, Dani Tirrell’s Black Bois, BenDeLaCreme’s Beware The Terror of Gaylord Manor, and Kitten N’ Lou’s CAMPTACULAR and Jingle All The Gay. She created and co-produced her first full-length evening show QUEEN STREET at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute with CD Forum in September of 2019. She is a member of Seattle’s Au Collective, a dance organization committed to putting queer people, womxn, and people of color at the forefront of everything it does. When not creating work, she’s part of the WA Black Trans Task Force working on a Housing Initiative to provide Black Trans Women and Femmes temporary to semi-permanent housing. Her community work also extends to the Seattle-Tacoma Kiki Ballroom scene with the Royal House of Noir as the Knight and house auntie Aísha Noir.


Randy has been recognized as an Artist To Watch for City Arts Magazine's 2018 Future's List Awards and her work QUEEN STREET was nominated and a finalist for the prestigious Queer | Art | Prize for Recent Work. She is the recipient of the 2020 Zeitgeist Award presented by the Gender Justice League for her work in community.


Every other Wednesday at 7pm PST you can catch her as ⅓ host of The Living Room, a video podcast with Seattle-based creatives Dani Tirrell and J Mase III where they vent, celebrate, talk shit, and kiki about what’s going on in the world.

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