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This solo represents the momentum of instinctual ritual. Even when met with resistance, our existence drives us towards rituals from generations before us that help maintain balance and grounding in an overly stimulated society.


Devin Muñoz (she/her)

Creator, Director, Dancer


Devin Marie Muñoz, Mexican American Seattle based photographer & videographer, has been honing her skills ranging in dance photography to editorial storytelling and film for the past few years. As a dancer herself, Devin blended her photography skills with her seventeen years of dance experience, bringing about the perfect fusion of her two passions.

With film as an added extension of dance and photography, Devin understands how vital it is to emulate the same energy put into performance onto the screen. With live performance only existing as long as show dates we lose the potential to reach masses. This practice introduces people to movement and is a guide for different forms of communication.

Videography: Staria Belle

Music: Mice Parade

Filmed on the land of the Salish Sea Peoples

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